Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meatless Month: Day 8

 The Hungry Household loves falafel.  When I proposed the idea of Meatless Month to Mr. Hungry his first question was whether we could have falafel for dinner.  I don't make my falafel from scratch, but I think I will try it some day.  I did drive to the Kosher Chopper (the big, new Price Chopper on Central Avenue in Colonie near Big Lots) to get the Israeli brand of falafel mix, which my Israeli friend tells me is better than Fantastic brand.

Unfortunately, I got to Chopper and they had two different Israeli brands of falafel mix in their Kosher foods section - Telma and Osem - and I couldn't remember which was the good one.  I bought Telma, only be told later I should have gotten Osem.  Oh well.  The falafel was delicious anyway.

I like to form my falafel into patties rather than balls as I think they're easier to eat that way.  I fried them in some vegetable oil until they were nice and crispy golden-brown.  Alongside the falafel I served tabbouleh salad, which is really easy to make and is a light, healthy side dish.  You cook some bulgar wheat and add chopped tomatoes and lots of parsley, plus lemon juice and garlic.  I also chopped up a tomato and a cucumber and dressed them with salt, pepper, and rice wine vinegar.  I toasted some pita (we've found that Thomas' Sahara brand are the best, oddly enough), got the hummus (Sabra is our favorite) out of the refrigerator, and we were ready for falafel night.  Falafel night may just replace taco night in our hearts.  Yum!

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