Friday, September 24, 2010

Meatless Month: Day 13

I didn't bother taking a photo of tonight's meal because it just wasn't that interesting to look at.  I had planned on making eggplant caponata with pasta for dinner, using the leftover whole eggplant I didn't use when making the eggplant Parmesan, but while cooking, I burnt it, and then even the unburnt parts didn't taste so great, so I gave up on the caponata, something I rarely do.  I don't think there was any fixing it, though.  It was just too vinegary and tart and just not good.  I can't remember where I got the recipe.

So I had half of a butternut squash left in the fridge and decided to make a butternut squash pasta sauce.  I softened the squash in the microwave, scooped it out of its skin, put it in a pot with some half-and-half, and pureed it with my immersion blender.  I added a bit of salt and some sage and put it on the stove to warm through while the rigatoni cooked.  I added a pat of butter, a little pasta cooking water, and some Romano cheese, mixed in the pasta, and dinner was ready.

It was just fine.  We ate it, Mr. Hungry even liked it - and he usually doesn't care for squash at all - but it was nothing special.  Still, there is satisfaction in getting a meal on the table that required no shopping and used up odds and ends in the kitchen.  Better luck tomorrow.

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