Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meatless Month: Day 4

I'm sitting here with very itchy feet.  Last night was chilly and I was going to a friend's house where I knew I'd be outside, so I had on long sleeves and jeans.  But I wore sandals because I'm not quite ready to transition to shoes-and-socks-all-the-time weather.  And I'm paying the price.  Those darn mosquitoes zeroed in on the small amounts of flesh I'd left uncovered and I have numerous itchy welts to show for it.  Mosquitoes just love me.

Anyway, I'm a bit behind on my food posting.  I'll try to catch up in the next day or two lest I get too backlogged. 

After two days of eggplant Parm, it was time to move on.  Along with the abundance of beautiful and delicious tomatoes my mother had given us were two small zucchini.  I used those zucchini to make these pancakes, which I think are really more of a fritter, or at least mine were.  Call them whichever you prefer; they were very tasty.

I suspect I didn't have quite the called-for 4 cups of grated zucchini as the squash to egg ratio leaned pretty heavily towards the latter.  I used a sharp white Cheddar from Hannaford, just the store brand.  I didn't have chives, so I grated half of a white onion into the mix.  My box grater got quite the workout that night.  After I fried up all the fritters in canola oil I served them with salsa and sour cream, for no particular reason.  These cooked quickly, and I soon had a glistening, golden-brown pile of delicious zucchini cakes.

The salsa was Frontera brand - yes, Rick Bayless' Frontera.  I bought the medium salsa, which was roasted tomato and garlic flavor, and it was just ok.  I really should have known it would be this way, but I was still disappointed by the cooked tomato flavor.  I much prefer a raw, fresher tasting salsa.  Nevertheless, mixed with the sour cream it was a more than adequate condiment to dip the fritters in.

To balance out the cheesy fried goodness of the fritters we ate a big green salad.  And I promised not to fry anything else for the next few nights.  You'll hear more about those fry-free nights soon.

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  1. One of my favorite dunking sauces is just sour cream mixed with srirachi sauce. My kids are on a quesadilla kick and that's what I put on mine. Little heat, little cool....very nice.